Medieval Catapult Hurls Peugeot 100ft into the Air

Raising money for charity has never been so fun.

Employed in the Middle Ages, a Trebuchet was a powerful catapult that was used to hurl stones, darts, sharp wooden poles and firebrands at enemy opponents. And if they had cars back in the 1300s they would probably have lobbed those into castles too. Especially battered old Peugeots like this. Commissioned by a group of fundraisers, this 60-foot-high medieval weapon dubbed the Dionysus was used to hurl a car, church organ and petrol bomb across a field in order to raise funds for a local church in Shropshire, UK.

The red Peugeot was left a broken mess after being launched 100ft into the air, but the event did raise enough money to buy the church a new organ.

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