Meet Australia's Most Expensive Pickup Truck

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At nearly $800,000 this thing is totally worth it.

Americans have a deep-seated love affair with trucks, and more specifically, high-performance trucks. Whether they're excellent at going off-road, or great at driving in a fast line, the US loves them all. Current favorites such as the Ford F-150 Raptor and Ram's incredible 1500 TRX have been making headlines stateside, but in a land down under, people have an equal love for fast pickups. We're obviously talking about Australia. This country is so crazy about pickups, or 'Utes' as they like to call them, that the most powerful car sold in that country, a Holden HSV Gen-F GTS, is in fact a pickup. Australians are so crazy about the Holden HSV, that certain examples have been selling for crazy money, and this example has recently been listed for $1 million Australian dollars ( $778,345).

The final HSV Maloo GTSR ever built has been listed in Westen Australia with a price tag of $958,000 AUD. That is far beyond what you'd pay for the average supercar, and makes the retail price of $96,990 look like an absolute joke. The Cannington-based dealership that is in ownership of this piece of Australian heritage played a clever game by sitting on the truck for approximately five years. In doing so, the seller increased the value of this machine by almost 1,000 percent. Who needs bitcoin?
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This specific HSV Maloo GTSR is number 600 of 600 and shows only 27 kilometers (17 miles) on the odometer. So what makes this low-riding truck so special? Under the hood lurks a 6.2-liter V8 petrol engine that sends 583 horsepower, and 545 lb-ft of torque to the rear, with a six-speed manual transmission being responsible for swapping cogs. The HSV Maloo GTSR weighs in at 1,825 kg and will sprint to sixty in only 4.2 seconds. A top speed of nearly 200 mph is claimed. Yeah, it's cool, but is it $800k cool?

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