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This is what the electric F-150 could look like.

The Ford F-150 is America's favorite truck, but even legends eventually retire. For cars and trucks, that will one day mean the retirement of the gasoline engine, but with the Tesla Cybertruck and the Lordstown Endurance on their way, there are options available to make working without a rumbling engine just as effective as with one, if not more so. So what would Ford's electric truck look like when it eventually makes its way into this world?

Thanks to designer Glen George, we have the answer and it looks absolutely fantastic. Dubbed the F-E50, it's both modern and in sync with today's Ford design language.

Glen George Glen George Glen George

Let's start at the front, where a steep and short front end features a new LED design for the U-shaped headlights while the traditional "FORD" block lettering sits inside a large and prominent grille. The first thing that hit us about this render, however, is the steeply-raked windshield that seems to draw inspiration from Tesla's Cybertruck. The next unusual feature is the shape of the wheel arches, which have been made very square. The glasshouse is another interesting point, with styling that appears roomy thanks to a blacked-out roof and pillars. The front door is unusually large, but the slashes and creases that tie in to those on the rear door and load bin are very cool.

Glen George Glen George Glen George

At the back, the traditional taillights see the trendy full-width taillight bar incorporated into the tailgate. Inside, the usual three-seater bench at the back is removed in favor of two individual buckets. Up front, the person riding shotgun gets a secondary display, presumably one that works like that in the Ferrari 488 Pista and GTC4Lusso. The artist has also included some supplementary sketches that show the various ways one might be able to use the truck for leisure activities like camping and cycling. Sure, the death of the gas engine will be a hard pill to swallow someday, but with electric trucks like this possible, it won't be too difficult to live with.

Front View Driving Ford Side View Driving Ford Rear View Ford
Front View Driving
Side View Driving
Rear View
Source Credits: Behance

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