Meet London's New 300-Mile Range Electric Double Decker Bus

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It has the longest range of any two-axle double-decker electric bus.

While passenger cars like the Tesla Model 3 and Volkswagen ID.4 are getting cheaper, EVs are still more expensive than their combustion counterparts. Thankfully, public transport is also transitioning to EVs for those who can't afford to buy an electric car and want to travel eco-friendly.

To reduce air pollution and cut running costs for operators, London's iconic double-decker bus has been changing with the times, with hybrid and electric buses now in service throughout the city. By 2024, the UK government plans to launch 4,000 more British-built zero-emission buses UK market through its Bus Back Better strategy. To help achieve this, London's largest bus operator Go-Ahead is teaming up with UK electrification specialist Equipmake and Spanish coachbuilder Beulas to unleash a new double-decker electric bus called the Jewel E onto the capital's streets. Trials of the new Jewel E double-decker will begin in Q1, 2022.


Utilizing Equipmake's Zero Emission Drivetrain, the Jewel E will be offered with three battery pack options including 325 kWh, 434 kWh and 543 kWh. With the latter battery pack, the Jewel E boasts the largest capacity battery of any two-axle double-decker electric bus in the world, as well as the longest range. With a range of up to 300 miles, the Jewel E can complete an entire duty cycle without having to stop and recharge.

"Our Jewel E double decker bus integrates the latest electric powertrain technologies to result in a highly efficient and cost-effective, purpose-built commercial vehicle, one of the first that meets the increasingly strict Transport for London requirements for buses operating across the capital," said Ian Foley, Managing Director, Equipmake.


"I am delighted to announce our partnership with Go-Ahead. In-service trials with London's largest bus operator will allow us to continue the vehicle's development during real-world usage cycles on public roads, a vital next step in perfecting the double decker electric bus before it enters full service."

While this isn't the first electric London bus, it's one of the first EV buses that complies with the latest Transport for London bus safety standard specifications and requirements for 2024. The Jewel E's powertrain will be manufactured in 2022 at an all-new facility in Norfolk, while the body will be produced Beulas in Girona, Spain and the chassis will be developed by Agrale in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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