Meet Spain's Newest Roadster: The Tauro V8 Spider

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The sports car market has a new player.

A new, small Spanish manufacturer recently presented its smart-looking two-seater roadster. Dubbed the Tauro V8 Spider, the car is manufactured in Valladolid, Spain and 30 examples will be churned out in the initial production run, each tailored to individual customer requirements. Spanish website Motorpasion covered the car's official presentation that was hosted by Spanish model Nieves Alvarez, and reported on its details.

Thus far two examples of the roadster have been built, one red, one black. Taking the underpinnings of a Pontiac Solstice, a GM-sourced 6.2-liter V8 LS3 E-Rod engine has been fitted capable of 440hp and 432lb-ft of torque. Optional upgrades can boost power to as much as 650hp and 489lb-ft of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a manual six-speed close-ratio transmission or an optional GM-sourced automatic paddle-shift gearbox. The Tauro has also been fitted with a limited slip differential, independent suspension and ventilated disc brakes.

There's a clear design connection to the Solstice, with a front-mounted engine and the driver sitting far back in the cabin, however the bodywork is bespoke, drawing inspiration from iconic roadsters both past and present. The small soft-top roadster weighs in at just 1,200kg, with a 52:48 front to back weight distribution. When it goes on sale, it will be priced in the region of 100,000 Euros. Here's hoping they do better than the Breckland Beira V8 Roadster that also packed an American V8 into a Solstice platform. That project went under in July 2009 before a single car was delivered.

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