Meet The 1,160-HP Porsche 911 GT2 RSR: The Best 996 In The World


Who said the 996 generation isn't worth anything?

The 996 generation is often maligned as the worst of the Porsche 911 variants. Enthusiasts were upset that the 996 ditched the 993's air-cooled setup that had been a staple of the 911 since the beginning. People also hated the egg-shaped headlights that it also shared with the cheaper Boxster. Thanks to these faults (and a few others), the 996 is now the cheapest 911 that money can buy. However, we have stated in the past that some of the 996 cars, like the Turbo and Turbo S, do not deserve to be so cheap.

The 996 Turbo dropped below $40,000 at one point, but has since risen a bit. We even found a Gemballa-tuned 996 Turbo for less than $50,000, which one of our readers actually went out and bought! Besides the Turbo, the 996 generation also had a GT3 and GT3 RS version that was for Europe only. The US did receive the normal GT3, but it only produced 355 hp from a 3.6-liter flat-six. The most special 996 model was the GT2, which was essentially a more powerful version of the Turbo with RWD instead of AWD. A 993 generation GT2 just sold at auction for nearly $1.5 million, but the 996 generation GT2 isn't worth nearly as much. Still, it is the most valuable of the 996 generation cars.

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The 996 GT2 used a twin-turbo version of the GT3's 3.6-liter flat-six. This engine produced 456 hp, which was later upped to 476. Only 303 of these cars made it to the US, which means that there are about half as many 996 GT2 examples as there are Carrera GT models. We know that Porsche is working on a new GT2 RS, which will be amazing. For people who can't wait, we found something that is just as special: a 2002 GT2 which has been custom tuned. The car is currently for sale at McLaren Scottsdale for $299,900, making it the most expensive 996 911 that we have seen. So, what makes this car worth six times more than that amazing Gemballa car?

We reached out to Carlo Quiroga at McLaren Scottsdale who gave us more information about this amazing car. The build was well documented by the owner on the 6speedonline forum. The car was initially built to have 840 hp, but now produces 1,083 hp on pump gas and 1,160 hp on E85. The engine has been completely reworked with 3.8-liter Mahle cylinders and skirtless race pistons, and RSR crankshaft, GT3 Cup heads, cams and valvetrain, Porsche factory individual throttle bodies, Twin Garrett GTX30R water cooled turbos, custom fabricated boost tubes and air intake tubes and a custom fabricated stainless 321 x-pipe exhaust system. The engine isn't the only thing that was completely reworked.

The car now rides on Forgeline custom-built three piece center-lock racing wheels with 305/30-19 front and 345/30-20 rear Pirelli tires. The car also rides on Eisenlohr Racing suspension that is completely new. The body is completely unique with kevlar trim pieces including front and rear bumper clips, hood, rear deck lid with integrated rear wing supports, rear wing, rear quarter panels, front fenders, roof with integrated intercooler scoop, and rocker panels. The car also has a custom Lexan rear window in an integrated scoop. All of these parts come together to make one of the most unique Porsche builds that we have ever seen. The work was completed by 911 Design in California.

This car took over four years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete. It is almost impossible for us to discuss everything that has gone into this build, as the discussion thread for this car alone has grown to over 55 pages and counting. The finished creation is called the 911 GT2 RSR and it is now being offered for a fraction of its value. The owner reportedly spent about $700,000 putting this car together, so he obviously took a big hit when selling it. This is fairly common in the big build world, but the owner's pain is someone else's gain. The owner could have easily purchased a Porsche factory race car for less, but this car is street legal which makes it all the more special.