Meet the Agera R's Test Driver

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Has this guy got the best job in the world?

In the latest installment of Drive's "Inside Koneigsegg" series, focus is placed squarely at Robert Serwanski - the man that takes each and every Agera R and pushes it to the limit, while preparing the hypercar to each owner's exact specifications. The test driver's playground is the Angelhokm airfield outside Koenigsegg's hanger based workshops, where he set the 0-300-0 kph world record. If he's not spending up to 16 hours a day driving, then he's changing an engine or gearbox for developmental purposes.

Check out what Robert has to say about his dream job, and why he thinks Koenigsegg is on its way to creating the best car in the world. As for the Agera R, he says: "It will not kill you, but you need to know what you're doing." And from what we've seen, he certainly does.

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