Meet The Awesome Grandmother Who Drives A Freaking Hot Rod


Chances are her car is cooler than yours.

Carol Compton may seem like the typical grandmother but that's simply not the case. She may be just under five feet tall, but she happens to drive a 1940 Ford Business Coupe. Oh yeah, and it's been turned into a hot rod. She named it Sweet Pea. No joke. But she didn't just buy it in its current state. It was a Christmas present that she immediately took charge and had it modified. The paint work is absolutely flawless and it sounds incredible. Carol knows she's a bit weird, at least when compared to other women her age.

But the one thing she's not is apologetic in her love for her hot rod. And that's just wicked cool because it goes to show that being a gearhead has nothing to do with one's age or even socioeconomic class. It's all about the love car of cars. Pure and simple. But now you need to check out Carol's story, courtesy of the guys over at /Drive's Big Muscle.

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