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Meet The BAC Mono R: Faster, Lighter And Even More Bonkers


Production is limited to 30 units and they’ve already sold out.

The bonkers BAC Mono is renowned for being one of the lightest track cars on the market but the current model has been around since 2011, so the time seems right for a radical update – and this is it. Behold the all-new BAC Mono R, a faster, lighter and more advanced version of the acclaimed single-seater supercar. And yes, it's still road legal.

Making its debut at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Mono R looks noticeably more aggressive thanks to 44 restyled carbon parts. Among the exterior updates include an imposing shark-nose front, centrally-mounted LED headlights that give the front a cleaner look, a new nose, and a motorsport-inspired ram-air inlet system, while the upper body design is more slender to enhance aerodynamics.

Compared to the standard car, the Mono R is 0.7 inches higher and 0.9 inches longer. Aerodynamic enhancements include more efficient front arches and wider sidepods as well as a larger and more aerodynamically efficient rear spoiler extending over the rear arches. Twin-strut wing mirrors, a rear crash box and a narrower tail incorporating new LED combination fog and reverse lights complete the new look.

The Mono R is also the first production car in the world to use of graphene-enhanced carbon fiber in every body panel. According to BAC, this revolutionary material enhances the structural properties of the fiber to make panels stronger and lighter with improved mechanical and thermal performance. Magnesium chassis and transmission components, new carbon-ceramic brakes, a titanium exhaust system, an all-new carbon floor, and 3D-printed components also save extra weight. Thanks to these improvements, the BAC Mono R weighs 55 pounds less than the standard Mono, at just 1,223 pounds.

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As for the powertrain, the Mono’s 2.5-liter, four-cylinder unit has increased in power by 35 hp to deliver 340 hp. 0-60mph takes 2.5 seconds before the Mono R tops out at 170 mph. With more power and less weight, the enhanced single-seater delivers an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 612-hp-per-tonne.

To enhance the driving experience, the suspension has been optimized to reduce pitch under braking and two-way adjustable dampers from Ohlins feature for the first time. The fuel tank has also been lowered and has a larger volume, while the battery has been repositioned to the center of the car underneath the driver to lower the center of gravity and improve weight distribution. These improvements help reduce braking distances and weight transfer, resulting in sharper handling. This beast should be capable of setting some blistering lap times. Pirelli Trofeo R tires are also fitted as standard.

Inside, there’s a new race-inspired, lighter steering wheel and optional carbon interior side panels. Since launching in 2011, BAC has built 100 examples of the Mono. Production of the BAC Mono R, on the other hand, is limited to only 30 units, each starting at £190,950 ($240,000). But if you want one, we have some bad news: each model has already been sold to existing BAC Mono owners.