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Meet The Crazy Mercedes E-Class Estate All-Terrain 4x4 Squared

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Straight from your wildest dreams….or maybe your worst nightmare.

It's okay, we double checked our calendars too and no, it's not April 1st. So why on Earth is AutoExpress reporting about a mutant Mercedes the seems to have escaped from a lab and is running about and causing havoc to off-road courses around Europe? Because apparently Jürgen Eberle, an engineer for Mercedes' E-Class division wanted to build something to make the E-Class Estate turn some heads. If this doesn't do it, maybe Mercedes should try jet engine technology next.

That's because this creation takes a base E-Class Estate All Terrain and adds portal axels to it, the same technology used on the G500 4x4 Squared and AMG G63 6x6, and applies it to the much smaller wagon so its ground clearance sits at nearly 400 mm. Try comparing that to the 120mm ground clearance on the standard E400 All Terrain. Adapting the portal axles to a multi-link suspension required miniaturizing the system, but it's what gives this vehicle its defining characteristic, ground clearance. To give this beast some balance, the track was widened by 200 mm and carbon fiber wheel arch extensions were installed to make the wide stance look less out of place. Make no mistake though, nothing about this is built to fit in.

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With such a mean and chunky stance, the 20-inch wheels and 4x4 system can conquer just about anything. Powering the show is a 3.5-liter turbocharged gasoline V6 making 333 horsepower. While it sports impressive specs for even the most hardcore of off-roaders-easily dealing with 20-inches of water and featuring approach and departure angles of 35.8 and 35.6 respectively-it unfortunately lacks a lot of hardware. Gone is a solid axle setup that allows for articulation and don't expect to find any locking differentials, or independent suspension either. What's the chance this concept will go into production? Don't hold your breath too long, but if you want more of it, German auto site Auto Bild got seat time in this monster.

Be sure to brush up on your German by feasting your eyes on the E-Class All-Terrain 4x4 Squared.

Here's lesson number two courtesy of Mobile.de.