Meet The Electric Shelby Cobra With Hypercar-Killing Performance

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Do you think Carrol Shelby would have been proud?

We were expecting the Ford Bronco to be the star of the SEMA Show, but it turns out EV conversions featured just as prominently.

SEMA is basically a bunch of gearheads coming together to worship internal combustion, and Las Vegas is their cathedral. Turning up in an EV would be like going to a Marvel Convention dressed as Green Lantern. Some dude dressed as Thor is going to hit you with his polystyrene hammer.

Surprisingly, the good people at SEMA were more than willing to accept EVs into their gas-burning bubble. The Superformance "Electric Snake" you see here was actually produced due to customer demand, and not to see if people might be interested.

We first learned about it in 2020 but did not expect the figures Superformance provided. Back then, Superformance stated that the Cobra EV was still in the development and testing stages. "Our MKIII E will accelerate our customers into the new auto era of electric car propulsion where performance will not be a compromise."


Superformance is well-known for producing Cobras under license from Carrol Shelby. Their gas-powered offerings can be equipped with Ford 302, 351, 460, and 427/428 cubic inch engines. It doesn't matter what motor you choose; the Superformance MKIII provides a thrilling experience.

The MKIII E Electric Snake (Electric Eel would have been cooler) uses a Tesla motor powered by a custom battery pack mounted under the hood. The electric motor, which provides 1,500 lb-ft of torque, is rear mounted. Though Superformance doesn't say what motor it is, we're willing to bet it borrows from the Plaid. As is, it would decimate every other Superformance product out there, including the 1969 Ford GT Replica.

You'd think that would be enough, but since this is America, the right amount of power is too much power. That's why Superformance is already evaluating a twin-motor setup, which will offer all-wheel drive and 3,000 lb-ft of torque.


Performance figures are not available yet, but even with the increased weight, it's going to be bonkers. You'd better wear a lid because this thing will tear your hair implants straight from your forehead.

The MKIII E uses the same suspension setup as its gas-powered brothers. At the front, it has a fully independent suspension with adjustable Bilstein coils over telescopic shock absorbers. The rear suspension is also independent, featuring coil-over shock absorbers.

You can spot the not-so-subtle differences on the outside. It doesn't have side exhaust pipes or a hood scoop. The EV charging point is neatly housed within the usual filling spot, which is a nice touch.

The only real downer is the lack of something spectacular to stare at under the hood, which is something its gas-powered brothers do well. Not to worry, a company called Webb Motorworks has the perfect solution to the unique EV problem.


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