Meet The Faraday FF 91: The World's Fastest-Accelerating Electric Car

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Faraday Future takes on Tesla with a 1050-hp EV capable of a record-breaking 0–60 mph time of 2.39 seconds.

Last year at CES, mysterious startup Faraday Future revealed a crazy concept car called the FFZERO1. People didn't take it too seriously though, since it looked like a Batmobile and was named after a video game. Fast forward one year, and Faraday is back with another reveal at this year's CES – and this time it's the real deal. Called the FF 91, Faraday's first production EV certainly deserves your attention: this is a 1050-horsepower EV that can hit 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds, making it the fastest-accelerating electric car in the world.

For comparison, it beats the current record set by the Tesla Model S, which will reach the same speed in 2.5 seconds. The FF 91 achieves this with a 130 kWH battery pack that powers four electric motors, delivering 1,327 lb-ft of torque. Despite its record-breaking performance, the FF 91 has an EPA-estimated range of 378 miles. Using the included home charger, the battery pack can be charged to 50 percent in under 4.5 hours at 240 volts. Faraday says that the multi-motor setup provides "real-time torque vectoring to the rear wheels" for "agile cornering". Elsewhere, the FF 91's much-touted self-driving capabilities sound promising, although its level of autonomy hasn't been determined.

The FF 91 features more sensors than any other car, with ten high definition cameras, 13 long and short range radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors. Using the "Driverless Valet" feature, the EV will park itself once the driver has left the car, and it can then be summoned using an app to pick you up from a designated place. But this will depend on local restrictions on autonomous vehicles. Like the Chrysler Portal Concept, the FF 91 will also feature advanced facial recognition technology that allows drivers and passengers to unlock the car without a key using a camera installed in the B-pillar, along with interior cameras that will adjust settings according to the user's preferences.

It will also recognize your facial expressions and mood, and change the in-car temperature, music and scent accordingly. Each door can be opened automatically and independently for easy passenger accessibility. No shots have been released of the cabin, but Faraday promises a spacious interior with "industry-leading rear-seat reclining angles" that will recline further than a Mercedes Maybach and will sit passengers in the optimal position for comfort. The seats can even provide a relaxing massage. There is a lot of cynicism surrounding the FF 91 and Faraday's ability to put it into production, however.

Faraday has faced several setbacks with many top executives leaving the company the same week. With the future of the company already looking uncertain, the Global CEO left just one week before the reveal of the FF 91. Furthermore, work on Faraday's huge production plant in Las Vegas was halted last year due to financial problems. It makes Faraday's claim that the FF 91 will go into production and go on sale next year an ambitious endeavor, to say the least.


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