Meet The Ford Cortina With A Honda S2000 Heart

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It's a match made in heaven

There's usually a very good reason why a car reaches cult status. For vehicles such as the Honda S2000, it was because this was a two-door, rear-wheel-drive Honda with an engine that broke all the records for naturally-aspirated powerplants at the time. It also didn't hurt that it handled like it was on rails, and it looked pretty stunning as well. Another car that has reached cult status internationally is the MK2 Ford Cortina. This humble little sedan is famous for its long and illustrious racing career, and Lotus versions are known to reach astronomical prices. So what happens when you take the heart of the S2000 and combine it with the body of an MK2 Cortina? Possibly one of the coolest streetcars in existence.

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The Cortina in question is a 1965 model and was purchased by the seller in 1996. The car has seen some extensive work done to the body, and below the skin. In 2006 this little Ford underwent a heart transplant in the form of a 2.0-liter F20C inline-four engine out of a Honda S2000. This engine revs out to 9,000 rpm, and develops close to 250 horsepower, without the help of a turbocharger. Along with the motor, in went, a six-speed manual transmission and a narrowed Mazda RX7 GSL-SE 3.90:1 limited-slip rear end and rear disc brakes. Custom four-link rear suspension with Leda coilovers and a new rack-and-pinion steering system also made their way into the car.

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The interior also got some attention: behind the steering wheel sits that iconic S2000 instrument cluster with the 9k rev limit proudly on display. The push-button start feature is present, and the whole cabin got new carpeting, a custom rear cabin panel was installed and adjustable strut top mounts were recently fitted. The car comes with an owner's handbook, build records, and photos from 1996 up until 2020, and even a spare S2000 transmission. This Cortina is listed on Bring a Trailer and its highest bid currently stands at $15,500 with three days left to go. This is one of the coolest resto-mod cars we've seen in a long time.

Bring a Trailer Bring a Trailer Bring a Trailer Bring a Trailer
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