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The virtual racer looks phenomenal.

When you think of supercars, models like the Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari Roma, or Lamborghini Huracan will doubtless come to mind. Ford is rarely the first name to spill out of your lips, even though the company produces the incredible GT. However, when it comes to virtual hypercars, Ford has just outdone all its European competition with this, the Fordzilla P1. How Nissan GT-R or McLaren P1 owners feel about the name of the car is yet to be seen, but what's not in doubt is that the car looks utterly spectacular. Fit to be the hero car for any sci-fi movie, this thing screams "outrageous". Have you ever seen anything that looks as low as this?

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Vertical LED running lights with a lilac hue set the futuristic tone for the rest of the car, which features huge flying buttresses at the rear, a very flat glasshouse that hints at a near-horizontal driving position, and an extraordinary rear wing. That rear wing flows over the shielded rear wheels and combines with an aggressive double rear diffuser and a central taillight. As is blatantly obvious, those Michelin tires are not meant to do duty on any real road, so what's the point of this car? Well, its roots lie in gaming, and that's the only place that this thing will ever come to life. However, Ford is planning to build a full-size model of the car too.

The car was created under the code name Project P1 and used fan votes on Twitter to determine what people would like to see from the car throughout the design process. Gamers, mostly those who love racing simulations, gave input on various elements including the cockpit style, seating position, and the drivetrain, although Ford has not revealed what would power this thing when it makes its debut in a game sometime in 2021.

In addition, it was decided that the car has morphing capabilities, allowing it to use a longer body on something like a Le Mans straight and a shorter one on a twisty circuit like Monaco. Two designs were eventually decided on, with this one winning 83.8 percent of the almost 250,000 votes.

Ford Ford Ford

The idea behind it is to see what another aspect of Ford's potential market base wants in the world. Essentially, Ford wants to use this, and cars like it, to discover what gamers and motorsport fanatics want to see from the brand. Ford has a rich motorsport history and a car like this exists - so to speak - because "the virtual world is the most important area for us to develop new thinking that applies to our production vehicles." That's according to Ford's CEO Jim Farley, who believes that virtual concepts will help shape the real-life cars of the future through evolving the way that the company interacts with its customers. Maybe in 50 years, this will be resurrected and put on the road.

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