Meet The Guy Who Drives Around America Hunting For Cool Cars Left To Rot

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"Let's go take a look at some rust."

We've all heard of barn finds; cars that were parked in barns for decades and left to rust and rot in a combination of bad air and rat shit. There are stories of absolute gems being uncovered, from Ferraris to muscle cars and everything in between. But when did the hobby (and profession for some) of searching for these barn finds begin? Who started it all? Meet Tom Cotter. He's been barn hunting since he was 12-years-old. He's 61 today and now travels the US in a sweet-sounding 1939 Ford Woodie Wagon.

His passion is discovering forgotten cars in not only barns, but also in junkyards and the backyards of creepy people. You know, the ones your parents told you to stay away from as a kid. But Cotter's been doing this a long time and now Haggerty has given him his own web series, appropriately titled Barn Find Hunter.

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