Meet the Guy Who Invented the Dune Buggy

The message of this off-roader is all about having fun.

Bruce Meyers is a Southern Californian beach boy. He’s also an artist and an off-road enthusiast. 50 years ago Meyers combined his passions by creating what he called the Meyers Manx, the world’s first fiber glass dune buggy. Unlike Jeeps and other off-road vehicles, Meyer’s dune buggy was a kit that could be assembled in people's garages. It became an immediate worldwide hit and many other companies soon copied it. For many years Meyers wasn’t happy about that. It was his creation, after all.

But he soon learned just how much joy the homemade dune buggy with a VW engine brought to so many. Today he embraces his role as the father of the dune buggy and appreciates all of the compliments and recognition that goes with it. Meyers recently spoke to XCAR and reflected on his life’s work.

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