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Could this be the Japanese pickup of the future?

Honda revealed an all-new electric SUV concept this week in Shanghai, and there are rumors that a new electric sports car will arrive called the Prologue. The Japanese automaker has also revealed a prototype electric drag racer. As the world increasingly gravitates towards EVs, you can bet that these won't be the last vehicles that Honda reveals with electric power. In time, Honda's entire range will be electrified, so what would the Ridgeline pickup look like as an EV? Assuming that Honda's new electric SUV heralds a new design language, we've put together our idea of what a Ridgeline with a similar design might look like.


We've dubbed this the e-Ridgeline, as is unimaginatively fashionable these days. We've also gone all-in on the concept car looks, giving the e-Ridgeline flushed door handles, super sleek wing mirrors, and a bit of a pointless spoiler on the bottom of the front fascia. An LED lighting signature that almost meets in the middle is also added, along with snazzy diamond-cut wheels in relatively low profile rubber.

With no engine under the hood, the biggest of the front grilles on the real-life, internal combustion model gets deleted while the lower grille grows to allow for radiators and the like to be fitted.

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We admit that something like this is unrealistic, as trucks need to be hardy and able to deal with small obstacles and other items that can cause damage. In the real world, such a vehicle would likely retain the existing model's black plastic body moldings and raised ride height. Nevertheless, it's exciting to ponder what the world of utilitarian vehicles will look like over the next decade, and as building cars on modular EV platforms gets simpler, more offerings may come up, including a potential luxury-focused model like Mercedes' failed X-Class. But even so, you can bet that Ford's F-150 will be dominant unless it somehow becomes a bad truck.

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