Meet The King Of Jordan's V10 Ford Excursion Limo

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It's a bulletproof beast.

Abdullah II, the King of Jordan, is well known for his love of cars and even runs a museum that houses cars owned by previous members of the royal house stretching as far back as 1916. His collection includes exotics such as the mighty Bugatti Veyron and the legendary Ferrari F40, as well as the BMW Z1 and M1. These cars sit in the limelight, but a recent listing by shows off the king's less flashy mode of transportation: a stretched 2005 Ford Excursion Limited. This armored limo has seen some impressive action and was used by the king as his official form of transport when he met with former President George W. Bush at the Whitehouse.

This Ford Excursion has clearly been modified to suit the high standards set by Jordanian royalty. Not only is it a luxurious machine, but it has also been built to keep its occupants as safe as possible. According to the listing, the vehicle features extensive armor: there's "360-degree armor" which sounds very comprehensive, and there's also a reinforced floor to protect against land mine or grenade attacks, as well as 3-inch thick bulletproof glass for protection against medium caliber rifles. That should meet the security needs of most humble rappers out there.

The interior of this beast features luxurious extended seats, multiple cameras for both inside and outside, a couple of DVD players with 15-inch drop-down screens, heated massaging seats, and an infotainment system with integrated navigation. Powering this bulletproof hotel room on wheels is a 6.8-liter V10 engine which sends its power to all fours via an automatic transmission. The total cost for this build was an astonishing $620,000. Since then, this one-off Excursion was barely used with the odometer showing just 4,022 miles, so the $84,000 paid for this Royal Chariot appears somewhat of a bargain.
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