Meet The Lamborghini Madman: It's Crazy And We Love It


It's called the Lamborghini Forsennato concept.

Lamborghini has a history of producing crazy concept cars with outlandish designs that will never see production, like the futuristic-looking Terzo Millennio Concept unveiled last year. If you thought that car looked wild, take a look at the Lamborghini Forsennato concept which makes the Aventador look remarkably tame. Like the Terzo Millennio, it won't be going into production, sadly. Why? Because it's a fictional supercar render designed by Russian artist Dmitry Lazarev.

Millennio has taken inspiration from Lamborghini's entire line-up from the past and present when designing the Forsennato, from the Miura to the Veneno. The resulting Lamborghini greatest hits mash-up, which took the artist over a year to create, looks incredibly aggressive. Its angular front fascia is highlighted by slender LED headlights and carbon fiber splitters, while the side profile is dominated by a prominent carbon fiber splitter and massive air intakes. There's also a carbon fiber roof, an aggressive-rear end that looks similar to the Lykan Hypersport, and huge flared fenders housing the rear tires.

It looks dramatic from every angle, and wouldn't look out of place alongside Lamborghini's limited production specials like the Centenario and Veneno. If it went into production, Lazarev imagines that Lamborghini Forsennato would adopt a hybrid powertrain similar to the likes McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari, so it's probably safe to assume that its performance would break the 1,000-hp barrier. The best part, though, is the name. In case you were wondering, Forsennato is Italian for "madman." We think you'll agree it's a very fitting name.

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