Meet The Man Who Drives His McLaren P1 To Work And Tracks It On The Weekends

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Oh, and he also owns a 650S.

One thing we can't stand around these parts are supercar owners who lock their precious vehicles away in a garage. Yes, you can do whatever the hell you want with your car, and that includes keeping it in pristine condition so that you can get a ton of money for it down the road. But these cars are meant to be driven. Japanese lawyer Go Hiramatsu gets that. He owns a McLaren 650S and P1, and he daily drives the latter to work. On the weekends he takes it to the Fuji Speedway and onto the Hakone Turnpike.

Go Hiramatsu is our new favorite supercar owner. He's humble and considerate and seems to appreciate waking up every day and getting to drive his P1. That being said we hope his 650S isn't gathering mothballs. It really is a great car to drive as well.

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