Meet The Man Who Owns $1 Million Worth Of Hot Wheels

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You heard that right, $1 million.

When we first saw this Hot Wheels collection we thought the owner, Bruce Pascal, was a bit nuts. But after a bit of a think about it we've decided that this guy is 100% normal. There's no difference between Pascal and billionaire car collectors, well besides the size of their cars. This collector received his first Hot Wheels car when he was seven years old and has been collecting them ever since, amassing over 3,500 of the little toy cars. Some of them quite rare, too, which is sure to make other collectors jealous.

Pascal even kitted a room in his house out to look like the office of the Mattel president in the '70s.

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Among the cars in his vast collection are 175 unique prototype Hot Wheels that were never released to the public. As you can imagine those are worth a pretty penny. The halo piece is one of the rarest Hot Wheels cars in the world right now, a bright pink VW Beach Bomb rear-loader. The car was painted pink to try and get girls to start buying the automotive toys, and it features a pair of surfboards loaded through the rear. This much sought after car is valued at a whopping $150,000. That's almost supercar money! While that's all good and well, we prefer our Hot Wheels to be a little bigger so that we can actually get in and drive. Heck, even a tribute car would do as long as the Hot Wheels logos are on it.

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