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Yes, this is actually the car's name.

Mazda is a big player in the SUV game, and offers no less than five different SUV models in the US, including the popular Mazda CX-3, and the MX-30 EV. Unfortunately for Mazda fans on this side of the world, the CX-3 will be cut from the Japanese manufacturer's lineup for 2022. But Japanese fans are still getting updated versions of this compact crossover SUV, and the latest is super edgy. No really, it's called the "Super Edgy". We've never really considered the Mazda CX-3 to be groundbreaking in any sense, but we guess hollow marketing ploys are still alive and well in the automotive world.


The Super Edgy makes a few subtle changes to the exterior of the already handsome CX-3, and also adds a few stylish touches to the interior, but the jury is still out on how edgy this special version is. The exterior gets a unique two-tone paint job with the top half of the car painted in black, as well as the lower trimmings. The wheels are also coated in a glossy black to tie in with the overall theme, and we must admit that it looks pretty sporty. Mazda offers the Super Edgy in four different colors, including Platinum Quartz Metallic, which was previously only available on cars such as the CX-8 and Mazda2 in Japan.

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On the inside, the blackened theme continues, but Mazda breaks things up with vibrant white highlights on the seats, dashboard and side panels. Interestingly, the air conditioner louvers are finished off with a copper-look, which sounds more steam-punk than super edgy to us. The seat centers feature special leather and suede inserts. As for the mechanical and tech bits, the Super Edgy remains exactly the same as the standard CX-3. The price for the new Super Edgy ranges from 2,491,500 yen ($21,800) to 3,212,000 yen ($28,200) depending on configuration. Mazda recently confirmed five new SUVs for 2022, including a new electric platform, so the future of this brand's SUV range could actually be genuinely edgy.

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