Meet The Mazzanti Evantra 771: Italy's Latest Supercar Sensation

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Yes, that's 771 horsepower if you hadn't guessed.

If you've never heard of the Italian sports car maker Mazzanti, you've been missing out. Its limited edition, 1,000-hp Evantra Millecavalli, revealed at this year's Turin Motor Show, has the honor of being Italy's most powerful supercar. Yes, it even tops the Ferrari LaFerrari. Since then, though, we haven't heard anything from Mazzanti. That's now changed, however, with the reveal of the boutique carmaker's latest creation. Meet the Evantra 771.

Ahead of this week's Bologna Motor Show, Mazzanti released the first official images of the latest version of its flagship Evantra supercar. While the Evantra 771 can't match the power output of the extraordinary Millecavalli it's by no means under-powered. If you hadn't already guessed, the "771" represents an extra 20 hp added to the standard Evantra's naturally-aspirated 7.0-liter V8 engine, resulting in an increase from 751 hp to 771 hp. That puts it in Lamborghini Centenario territory, which is no easy feat. Along with a performance upgrade, the Evantra 771 also benefits from a series of aerodynamic improvements.

These include a tweaked front splitter and a new rear wing, plus a striking two-tone blue and gold livery inspired by the Mazzanti logo. Other specifications, such as toque levels and how fast it can do the 0-62 mph sprint, have yet to be revealed. We expect to find out more at the Bologna Motorshow this week where the Evantra 771 will be on show. The standard Evantra can achieve 0-62 mph in a blistering 3.0 seconds and hit a top speed of 224 mph, so it will be interesting to see how the Evantra 771 compares with its extra 20 horses.

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