Meet The Nissan GT-R Pure: New Cheaper Trim For 2018

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For the first time since 2013, the GT-R is less than $100,000.

When Nissan first introduced the R35 GT-R back in 2008, it was a performance bargain with a starting price of just $69,850. Fast forward to 2017, and you can't buy a GT-R for less than $100,000. The GT-R is meant to be the affordable world-beater for people who don't want a Ferrari or a Porsche. Nissan seems to have strayed away from what made the GT-R great, but it looks like the company will inch back to what made the R35 so special in the first place with the recently announced 2018 model that's just been given a price tag.

Don't get too excited, because this is not an R36 GT-R. This is still the same R35 model that we have known since 2008, with some changes for 2018. Some of the less exciting changes for 2018 include the addition of Apple CarPlay and a new black "Kuro Night" color for the Premium Interior Package. The 2018 GT-R will be available in four trim levels, with a new Pure model acting as the most affordable car. The GT-R Pure will start at $99,990, making it the first GT-R in a few years to have a sub-$100,000 price tag. Stepping up to the Premium trim costs $110,490, and adds an 11-speaker Bose audio system, active noise cancellation and active sound enhancement, as well as a titanium exhaust system.

The last of the "normal" GT-R trims is the Track Edition, which starts at $128,490 and comes with elements from the flagship NISMO model. All three of these GT-R models will receive a 20 hp bump over 2017 models, for a total of 565 hp. The GT-R NISMO will be a limited production car with a starting price of $175,490. In addition to various handling and aerodynamic upgrades, the GT-R NISMO also receives a power boost up to 600 hp. We were happy to see that Nissan has finally lowered the price of the GT-R back into the five-figure range, but all models carry a destination and handling fee of $1,695, thus eliminating the sub-$100,000 base price.

The 2018 Nissan GT-R is not significantly different than the 2017 model that it replaces, but we commend Nissan for making subtle tweaks that still keep the GT-R relevant. Nissan's other sports car, the 370Z, has also been on the market since 2008, but is completely outclassed by newer competitors. Hopefully a new GT-R is on it way, but until then we'll have to live with the R35.


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