Meet The Only Man To Complete The 24 Hours Of Le Mans By Himself

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Eddie Hall didn't want to get out of the car despite having a co-driver in the pits.

There is much to look forward to at the upcoming 100th anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans happening this weekend. Ferrari is looking to secure its 10th Le Mans victory with the 499P, while Garage 56 will join the endurance race with a next-gen NASCAR Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

But before the big race, let's look back at one lesser-known Le Mans record that won't likely be erased from the history books. Hagerty shared the story of Edward Ramsden Hall, an English racing driver who completed the entire 24 hours at the 1950 Le Mans by himself. Although Hall entered the race with a co-driver named Tom Clarke, he opted not to be subbed out.

Hagerty/YouTube Hagerty/YouTube

The driver achieved the feat in a 1933 Bentley Corniche TT Coupe (currently in the hands of Revs Institute), which had a bored 4.3-liter straight-six engine and was already 16 years old at the time of the race. He clocked in 236 laps with an average speed of over 80 mph, bringing the total distance covered to 1,978 miles. After showing up big time, he was rewarded with the eighth position.

Sitting for hours in a car poses challenges, particularly toilet breaks. So for Hall to finish the endurance race without a driver change, questions were raised. English motorsport journalist Denis Jenkinson quizzed the driver about his toilet arrangement, to which, he replied, "Green overalls, old boy!"

Hagerty/YouTube Hagerty/YouTube

Bentley recently celebrated its various successes at the Le Mans with a limited edition based on the Continental GT and the Continental GTC. The limited edition models may not have paid homage to Hall's 1950 Le Mans feat but he will surely be remembered for the years to come as his record will never be broken.

Not because no driver is brave enough to do so but such antics have been banned for safety purposes. As such, Hall goes down in history as the first and only man to complete the entire 24 Hours of Le Mans on his own, despite having a co-driver on the sideline. Hall retired from the sport a year after securing the unbreakable record.

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