Meet The Pacchetto Tempesta Huayra, Pagani's Other Extreme Geneva Offering

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This is perhaps the only time a Pagani has gone unnoticed at an auto show.

In the hubbub surrounding the gorgeous and limited edition Pagani Huayra BC, it was easy to forget the other Huayra on display at Geneva. While not as highly touted or rare as the BC, the Pacchetto Tempesta performance pack still deserves recognition, as does anything the company makes. This kit makes the Huayra more track-friendly and is sure to help the car stick out more than it already does. In terms of performance the twin-turbo V12 from AMG was left untouched, but there is a new exhaust.

The new titanium exhaust weighs in at only 15.4 pounds, which is 40 percent lighter than the stock offering. This new bit of kit ensures that you'll hear the Pacchetto Tempesta before you see it. But when you do see it, the first things you'll notice are the new aero bits. There's a larger carbon fiber splitter up front and a beefier diffuser in back. The wheels have also increased in size, with 20-inchers up front and 21-inch wheels in the back. Thanks to the wheels being made from forged aluminum alloy each set is lighter. All told the wheels alone cut off about 16 pounds, five up front and 11 in the back. Another new feature is the four-way adjustable Ohlins shocks. As for its cost, we've learned the Pacchetto Temepesta kit will cost existing owners $160,000.

That's a lot of money but remember that these upgrades aren't just aesthetic. To us this seems like the perfect package. The look of the Huayra doesn't change drastically. What noticeable changes come with the Pacchetto Tempesta also increase performance, so it's not like you're just slapping on beefier carbon fiber bits because they look cool. Check out our live shots from Geneva and let us know what you think. Pictures courtesy of Adam Efrati

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