Meet The Perfect BMW: Resto-Mod Seventies Styling With M5 Guts


Did we already mention this is perfect?

Mark this one down as one of the best ideas/resto-mods we've ever seen. A tuning firm/group of perfectionist German mechanics called MKO GmbH has recently completed what may just be one of the most perfect, most beautiful resto-mods we've ever seen. The crew essentially combined the body of an E9 CS with an E39 M5 drivetrain. The interior is also from the M5 along with all of the technology. Everything from the ABS to the airbags is completely functional. From the outside the completed car looks like a 1970s BMW classic.

It's beautiful vintage, very much retaining that factory OEM look. But a closer inspection will reveal the E39 M5's guts, such as the quad tip exhaust and beefier tires. One look under the hood will reveal a 4.9-liter V8 that produces about 395 hp. The interior is also 100% E39 M5, right down to the six-speed manual transmission. No word on whether it's for sale (more than likely, yes) and how much it cost. But this one-off resto-mod is definitely worth the investment.

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