Meet The Porsche 911 With Singer And Williams' New 500-HP Engine

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Just shut up and take our money (if we had it to give).

Last summer we learned that Singer Vehicle Design was teaming up with F1 engineering wizards Williams to build a modified air-cooled, 4.0-liter flat-six with a total of 500 hp. Today we can see the fruits of their labor for the first time. Presenting the first 964 Porsche 911 by Singer Vehicle Design with that ferocious new engine. Like all Singer-modified 911s, this one started off as a 1990 964 donor car, but it's become an entirely different beast.


Aside from the classic 911-inspired hood, bumper and turn signals, Singer performed a number of significant body enhancements such as those aggressive fender flairs, a ducktail spoiler, rear diffuser and ground effects. Both the body and chassis make use of extensive carbon fiber, titanium, magnesium and aluminum. This results in a weight of just than 2,180 lbs. Something else to take special note of is the trick roof design which channels air to that ducktail spoiler. Those rear window inlets also work with the engine's carbon fiber intakes. In fact, even the taillights feature air outlets, yet another example of the surface aerodynamic enhancements going on.

The body was designed in collaboration with Williams and Norbert Singer (no relation to SVD), the genius behind several Porsche Motorsport Le Mans victories. Other lovely exterior touches include the forged Fuchs-style wheels from BBS, lightweight brake calipers and carbon composite brake rotors courtesy of Brembo. The interior is equally stunning, particularly with the "Blood Orange" leather-covered seats featuring those classic metal rings. The classic 911 look is still very much there, only now the tech has been modernized with carbon fiber throughout. We especially like the exposed metal linkage below the gear shifter.

Singer Vehicle Design says this custom-built 911 is only the beginning for this engine and related mechanical tech. There are plans to produce up to 75 more examples. Pricing? Not revealed, but if you're not prepared to spend around $500,000, don't even bother.

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