Meet The Radical New Tech That'll Revolutionize Car Batteries


It's lighter, smarter, lasts longer and fits in your existing car.

Foras long as we can remember, car batteries have been pretty straightforward.They are those heavy boxes that you replace every once in a while, and prettymuch do everything they're supposed to until, one day, they don't. Butnow, Ohm, a new high-tech development, is here to revolutionize everything weknow about batteries. It weighs just 6 lbs, replacing lead plates with anEDLC supercapacitor that can start your engine, and smaller batteries that offerelectricity when the ignition is off. Despite being smaller, its casing matches standard battery sizes.

Moreover,this smart battery uses circuitry to audit output and automatically shutsitself down when power is running low. Sure, your lights and radio won't workwith the engine not running, but you will be able to get the car started withoutgetting stranded and searching for a jumpstart. According to its developers, itis better equipped to run in low temperature conditions thanks to its abilityto deliver energy bursts directly to the engine. Even better, the Ohm has anexpected lifespan of 7 years, which puts current batteries to shame. Currently inbeta testing and raising crowdfunding on Indiegogo, its manufacturers' futuretarget price is $200. That may by higher than current prices, but long-term savings are guaranteed.

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For enthusiasts and environmentalists, the added gas mileage andperformance offered by its reduced weight should also make it the natural decision.Check out the Indiegogo fundraising video to learn more about this awesomedevelopment: