Meet The Ram 700: The 1500's Little Brother

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City-friendly dimensions, workhorse ethic.

When we recently test drove the Ram 1500 pickup, we remarked that it was a new benchmark in the full-size pickup truck segment, setting new standards for comfort, luxury, and work ethic against some stiff competition. But there's a problem - a full-size truck doesn't fit in with all walks of life, and for some people, their living conditions aren't really conducive to a large truck. But in the US you can't get anything smaller than the 1500, despite the fact that FCA has a Fiat-badged Ford Ranger rival called the Fullback in some markets. However, that might all change, and KDesign AG has given us our first look at what could possibly be the Ram 700 - a compact pickup truck for those who can't live with a large one.

KDesign AG/CarBuzz KDesign AG

It's not entirely wishful thinking either, as the renders are based off the LHD Fiat Strada, a compact pickup from South America that has just been unveiled in both single- and crew-cab variants. The latter would likely be the popular one among American buyers if it ever did reach our shores, which is what the attached renders show. The design hasn't been changed much, but in place of the Fiat badge and grille, we see a grille inspired by the latest Ram truck offerings.

Fiat Fiat Fiat

The compact pickup measures just 176.4 inches long, making it substantially smaller than the Ford Ranger (210.8 inches). But since it's smaller, it needs less power, and in the South American countries where it's sold, a choice of either a 1.4-liter NA or 1.3-liter turbocharged engine producing 88 horsepower and 109 hp respectively gets things moving. We'd like to imagine that if it reached the U.S. we might get something a little more powerful like maybe the FCA 2.4-liter Tigershark engine used across a number of Fiat and Jeep products. Of course, it might not happen, but there have been whisperings from the Ram camp of a sub-1500 model, and this might be it.

FCA Brazil FCA Brazil Frontal Aspect CarBuzz Rear Angle View CarBuzz
Frontal Aspect
Rear Angle View
Source Credits: KDesign AG

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