Meet The Rezvani Beast Alpha: 500 HP Of Fury At Under 2,000 Pounds


There is nothing conventional about this car, especially not its doors.

For those hoping to start a niche supercar company sometime in the near future, be aware: the job has just become a lot harder because a new unique style method of opening the doors has found a patent. What's more is that these doors are attached to a carbon fiber body molded around an aluminum chassis that serves as a cradle for a modified Acura K24 engine pushing 500 horsepower. Speed demon that it is, the Rezvani Beast Alpha executes its supercar aesthetic using some rather interesting styling.

Wheel arches and a long hood give way to a bubble shaped greenhouse, which connects to a Jaguar F-Type like rear using one long swooping line. The result is that the Rezvani looks feminine yet aggressive, and thanks to its incredible power to weight ratio, it's more the latter than the former. In terms of size, the Rezvani Beast Alpha slots between the Jaguar F-Type and the Mazda MX-5 Miata, although with its aluminum frame and carbon fiber body, it takes bulimia to the extreme weighing an anorexic 1,950 pounds (nearly 400 fewer than the MX-5 Miata). With figures like these, it's easy to imagine that the Rezvani is an actual beast.

And it is because all it takes is 3.2 seconds to hit 60 mph from a dead stop when the Beast Alpha is spec'd out with the optional sequential gearbox. Enthusiasts can rest easy with the knowledge that a six-speed manual is available, although the penalty for chasing fun down that rabbit hole is an additional 0.3 seconds added to the 0-60 mph time. Acura's engine had to undergo some major revisions to coax those kinds of numbers out of the 2.4-liter engine, but Rezvani complied by reworking the block adding high performance porting for better airflow, a high performance turbocharger to keep up with the new lung capacity, reengineered pistons, camshafts, and connecting rods, and an intercooler to keep things cool.


The icing on the cake is an exhaust tuned for performance and a special ECU tune by Rezvani to make it a true alpha. Rezvani makes some attempt to bring things back to normality, but only a slight bit. Evidence of this is seen in the included amenities like air conditioning, airbags, phone connectivity thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and leather and alcantara interior elements. Adjustable drive settings that accommodate for fuel sipping or lap time chasing behavior alter the throttle response, handling, and traction control to make the Beast Alpha a livable companion, however owners can ride with the full knowledge that a 175 mph top speed is possible whenever their right foot gets happy.

Those who have already been sold on the Rezvani Beast Alpha's doors (because as much as we love performance specs, the doors are really what do it for us) will be happy to know the vehicle is already on sale for $200,000. That's no measly sum of cash, but Rezvani throws in a removable targa roof to the new styling and upgraded performance. The small automaker is also happy to customize the Beast Alpha to meet owner demands. Badge snobs may not give a damn about Rezvani, but for those who place their sense of self-worth on being unique rather than having the best money can buy may be happy with the news.


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