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With a touch of Venza

Toyota has been coming up with some pretty tasty car designs in recent years, with some of our favorites being the new Corolla and sporty Supra. These cars offer contemporary-cool looks, but there's always room for improvement. Thanks to the wonder of digital editing, designer KDesign AG has come up with a digital rendering of what looks to be a Toyota Supra that has been married to a Toyota Venza. That might sound like a recipe for disaster, but we think it actually works quite well. KDesign AG has left us with only two pictures, one from the front, and one from the rear, but that is enough to get a good sense of what this car would look like in real life.

Behance/KDesign AG
Behance/KDesign AG

The front of this creation is unmistakably Supra with its pointed nose and large intakes. The headlights and front fascia seem to effortlessly blend in with the Venza's hood. The Toyota Venza's front design in standard form looks more like a Honda CR-V than a full-blown sports car. The rendering lacks any flared wheel arches or any other sign that it may be a performance model until you look at the rear. In the back, you get a massive Supra diffuser and twin exit exhaust pipes. This once again flows seamlessly with the Venza's rear liftgate. The Venza has proven to be a popular base for modifications, with Toyota already showing off a GR version. The Supra has been welcomed with open arms by the tuning industry as well.

2021 Toyota Supra Frontal Aspect CarBuzz
2021 Toyota Supra Front Angle View CarBuzz
2021 Toyota Supra Side View CarBuzz
2021 Toyota Supra Rear View CarBuzz

The Toyota Supra is offered with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, as well as a turbocharged inline-six engine which it borrows from BMW. The 3.0-liter car will sprint to sixty in only 3.9 seconds and delivers 382 hp and 368 lb-ft to the rear wheels. The Venza on the other hand is powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and three electric motors which is good for 219 horsepower. Power is transferred to all four wheels, making it capable of doing the 0-60 mph sprint in 7.5 seconds. We dig the look of the Supra SUV, and if it were ever to materialize, we'd have it with that inline-six engine.

Front-End View CarBuzz
Rear-Facing View CarBuzz
Aft View CarBuzz
View Out Back CarBuzz

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2021 Toyota Supra Frontal Aspect
2021 Toyota Supra Rear View
2021 Toyota Supra Front Angle View

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