Meet the World's Fastest Lawnmower

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Imagine how much grass you could cut with a lawnmower capable of going 0-60 mph in four seconds.

Honda has teamed up with its British Tour Car Championship partner, Team Dynamics, during the offseason to create Project Mean Mower, believed to be (assume Jeremy Clarkson voice): the fastest lawn mower… in the world. It can hit a top speed of 130 mph, sprint from 0- 60 mph in four seconds and produces 130 decibels of ear bleeding noise. It also cuts the grass. Reengineering a Honda HF2620, the racing team added an all-new fabricated chassis, a 1,000cc engine from a Honda VTR Firestorm, and a bespoke suspension and wheels from an ATV.

To keep the look of the mower, the cutter deck was formed from fiber glass and comes with two electric motors spinning 3 mm steel cutting cable at 4,000 rpm. The fuel tank, oil cooler and secondary water cooling radiator are also smartly tucked away in the grass bag.

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Other features include a custom paddle shift six-speed gear system, Cobra sports seats, a Scorpion exhaust system and a steering rack borrowed from a Moris Minor. To see how it handles on the track, check out the Stig giving the ride-on mower a typically thorough workout.


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