Meet the World's Fastest Roadster: the Outrageous Brabus 850 SL

The SL63 AMG gets a screeching tune-up, making 850 horsepower.

Despite being based on the SL63 AMG (rather thanthe SL65), this Brabus-tuned Mercedes-Benz is the proud owner of the covetedtitle: :The Fastest Roadster on the Planet." With a top speed of 230 mph - enoughto lift a passenger plane airborne - this monster naturally produces 1,069 lb-ftof torque. However, to protect its drivetrain from total cataclysm, this numberhas been limited to ‘just’ 848 lb-ft.

Brabushas also fitted the stock Mercedes SL63 AMG with numerous interior and exteriorupgrades, with all exterior fittings made from carbon fiber. In thesepictures, it looks just as breathtaking and awe inspiring as it must be todrive. This current phenomenal upgrade package makes Brabus’ previous model, the SL65AMG-based Brabus 800 unveiled just a few months ago, seem like the slow olderbrother of this young new beast. That is, despite the fact that the 800 makes 800 hp and 1,047 lb-ft of torque. The old Brabus is dead. Long live the Brabus 850.

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Mercedes-AMG SL63 Roadster
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