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Meet the World's Largest Viper Collection

Texan couple seemingly rolling in new money has bought 65 Vipers since 2006.

Material obsessions of any kind have to start with a single purchase. Your first Star Wars figurine. Your first comic. Your first Dodge Viper. Granted collecting comics isn’t quite on par with collecting sports cars, but if you have the means and requisite garage space to store them, why not buy to your heart’s content? And with 65 Dodge and SRT Vipers in a collection of over 100 cars, that’s exactly what D’Ann and Wayne Rauh have done. The eye-watering collection started innocently enough with a trip to a dealership in 2006.

Fast-forward seven years and at a rate of almost one Viper a month, the awesome assembly is now the largest of its kind in the world. And it’s a sight to behold. eGarage invites you to take a look.

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