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Meet The World's Most Horrible Chevrolet Salesman

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This is an all-time low.

According to information obtained by Automotive News, a search warrant has been issued for a Chevrolet salesman from Chattanooga, Tennessee accused of kidnapping and stealing nearly $200,000 from a disabled customer. The accused, Daniel Bryant (NOT pictured here), was employed as a salesman for Mountain View Chevrolet but so far he has not been charged with any crimes.

"The case you are referencing is active and ongoing," the Chattanooga Police Department stated. "The incident report is not available for release at this time." Not at all surprisingly, Bryant has been fired from his job. The dealership claims it was unaware and not involved of "any alleged attempt on the part of Mr. Bryant to defraud a customer of our business… we continue to work with the authorities to assist in resolving this matter."

This all got started late last week when police were called to a local Chattanooga bank to respond to a kidnapping report. Police spoke to a man at the scene whose leg had been amputated and is also paralyzed on one side from a work-related accident. He told officers he had been kidnapped on April 1 and then forced to withdraw thousands of dollars from his bank account.

The unnamed victim also told police he recently purchased a new pickup truck at the dealership with money received from a "substantial financial settlement." When he brought the truck in for service, Bryant offered to drive him home, but that's not what really happened, according to the victim.

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Instead, Bryant kidnapped and then drove him around to local banks and forced him to withdraw cash. Bryant then took him to a hotel in nearby Georgia and then stole his cell phone and credit cards. Then he forced the victim to smoke crack cocaine.

As of this writing, Bryant's whereabouts are unknown but, as you can imagine, Chattanooga police and the FBI want him found. In the meantime, the warrant for his arrest also seized his bank account.