Quarter Mile

Meet the World's Quickest 996-Gen Porsche 911

Modified 996-gen 911 GT2 clocks quarter-mile in 9.45 seconds at 153 mph.

The Type 996 Porsche 911 was a big step forward for the iconic sports car. An all-new water-cooled engine replaced the famous air-cooled units that had powered 911s for 34 years, and a newly designed bodyshell finally consigned the 1963 shell to the history books. The GT2 variant arrived in 2001 and came with a 3.6-liter twin-turbo rated at 462 hp, wider fenders, large rear wing and an aggressive front end.

The quarter-mile was officially clocked in 12.1 seconds at 117 mph, so keep that in mind when you watch this USP Motorsports-tuned 996 GT2 clock it in 9.45 seconds at 153 mph at the Palm Beach International Raceway. That’s a world record run for a Porsche 996 in case you were wondering.

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