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Meet TOMO: Honda's Tiny Electric Truck Concept

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This collaboration between Honda and the IED design institute is a stunner.

The Urban EV concept Honda revealed two years ago at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show was an instant hit and Honda has kept true to its promise of putting it into production this year. A production-ready version will be making its way to the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and joining it will be a tiny truck concept called the Tomo.

Honda outsourced the design for this project to 13 students for their thesis project at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Torino. The brief was simple: design a vehicle that epitomised the ideal means of transport for young people in the next six years.

The result was a two-door electric city truck that according to its designers, "seeks to spark the interest of new generations who increasingly have a non-traditional occupation, who want to experience their car in a fun and useful way. These are people for whom the environment, ecology and sustainability are fundamental values to build their futures on."

"At Honda Design we are always working to create a design that reflects the philosophy of our brand, offering users our experience with fun and freedom of mobility," says Taku Kono, General Manager Styling Design Division Honda R&D.

The Tomo design drew much inspiration from the Urban EV concept and the compact, futuristic lines translate well into this mini-truck shape.

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"Starting with the active participation of young designers, through partnerships and internships in Europe and in conjunction with the presentation of the evolution of the Honda Urban EV concept in Geneva, we asked the young IED designers to propose a variation on this theme", elaborated Taku Kono.

The final design looks extremely well executed and while the interior has not been shown in these images we expect it to also draw heavily from the minimalistic design of the Urban EV. We will get a proper look at the Tomo when it makes its debut for the first time on March 5 at the Geneva Show.