Megachurch Pastor Gifts Wife Lamborghini Urus For Anniversary


And now he's taking some heat for that $200k decision.

When you're a man of God, like South Carolina's Relentless Church pastor John Gray, many expect you to be a modest person with few materialistic needs. You know, just the basics. Your life is devoted elsewhere. But according to Fox News, Pastor Gray bought his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini Urus as an eighth wedding anniversary present.

Turns out Gray made a video, which soon went viral but has since been taken down, of him surprising her with the keys to the SUV last week. It didn't take long for social media users to begin the heavy criticism. Many were wondering how he could even afford the vehicle. Gray later made a Facebook Live video defending the purchase.


"Pastor buys his wife this expensive car," he said. "First of all it wasn't a pastor who bought the car, it was a husband that bought the car. Get that in your spirit." He also began to cry at times during that video. As far as how he was able to afford the Lamborghini, specifically where did the funds come from, Gray stated the following: "Did this man use any money from the church to do this?" he asked. "And the answer is no. Absolutely not. And God, take my life on this live feed if I did."

He says the money for the Lambo came from the money he saved from his second book deal and the fourth season of his reality show, "The Book of John Gray".


Gray and his wife, Aventer, have not yet received the super SUV because he has only put down a deposit for now. He plans to pay off the balance at a later date. So if Gray bought his wife a Lamborghini Urus for a wedding anniversary gift, then what did he get him? A Rolex Explorer II watch.

Mrs. Gray also responded to critics on Instagram that "I don't see anyone screaming about how basketball players drive what they do while you paying $$$ to see them play in arenas and on fields. We don't live for people! We live for God!"


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