MegaGallery of Excellence - Cars & Caffeine in San Jose, California

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Audis, Porsches, a Bugatti and more arrived in Cali for a terrific automotive event.

Several members of the Luxury4Play team showed up to the Club Auto Sport Cars & Caffeine event over the past weekend in San Jose, California. The event saw some magnificent supercars arrive in style, along with some classics sure to perk the interest of passersby and gearheads, alike. Some of the more notable models on display included a silver McLaren MP4-12C with red interior, tan and white Bugatti Veyron, Audi R8, Ferrari 458 Italia and a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

More Porsches (both current and classic) were on show than you could shake a stick at, including a pair of GT3 RS racers. Check out the MegaGallery below to see some of the more classic models at the event along with an Aston Martin Vantage, a few Lotuses (Lotusii?) and more Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

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