Mental-Health Advocates Mad At BMW For Making This Commercial


Or are some people being too sensitive?

Every now and then a TV commercial comes along that offends someone, somewhere. Some may actually find it funny, while others think it’s outright stupid. But it’s the ones who are offended that make the most noise. And now BMW is caught up in bit of controversy over its new X3 commercial that may get bounced from the NCAA men’s basketball tournament telecasts. If you’re watching the games (go Duke!) then you’ve likely already seen "Cute Cottage," a 30-second ad for the new X3.

A couple is shown driving to what they thought was going to be a pleasant bed and breakfast. It turns out to be the complete opposite, with a crazy-looking woman on the doorsteps to greet them. That last part didn’t go over so well for some.

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The CEO of the National Council for Behavioral Health wrote to BMW demanding the commercial’s immediate ouster from the airwaves. BMW responded to AdFreak, who first wrote about this story, in that it was "deeply sorry to anyone that was offended by this ad, as it was certainly not our intention. The ad was intended to spoof a horror movie." Furthermore, the "ad is naturally starting to run out of our ad-buy rotation." So, did BMW go overboard here or are some people just too sensitive?