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Mercedes A45 AMG 'Project 45'

Hot Hatch / 28 Comments

An awesome Black Series-inspired collaboration between RevoZport and Mulgari Automotive.

With Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG buyers given the choice between base specs and the upgrade Edition 1 package, many customers are yearning for an A45 AMG Black Series. Like its counterparts on other Mercedes models like the SLS AMG, the Black series would offer a lightweight, even-higher-performance take on this great hot-hatch model. Working together to provide this Black Series-inspired A45 to a customer, ReboZport and Mulgari Automotive came up with this outstanding body kit for the car.

The tuners fitted the car with a twin skin carbon hood, additional cooling vents and AMG-style hood vents, twin carbon canards and a lower front splitter up front. A completely new carbon rear diffuser and GT spoiler tie up the back end, while carbon side skirts complete the design. The team is now working on performance upgrades for the car, but even now it looks ready to be rebadged with Mercedes-approved Black Series markings.

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