Mercedes Admits S-Class is Built Like a Tank

Considering what it went through, the damage on this S-Class ain't so bad.

If you’re ever in a serious car accident, and we certainly hope none of you ever will be, perhaps your best bet for staying alive and unharmed is to be in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The German automaker is now proudly telling the story of an owner and his now destroyed 2010 S400 HYBRID. This past August, the owner was driving on a twisty mountain road near Yosemite National Park. Suddenly an oncoming SUV forced him to swerve out of the way while going around a sharp curve.

That evasive maneuver caused him and his car to plummet some 400 feet down a cliff and finally came to a stop about 50 feet above a creek. The driver then opted to exit the car, which was lodged between two trees. In doing so, he fell seven feet to the creek bed, and then he tumbled another 40 feet. Fortunately, his injuries were minor and he has a good attitude about the whole ordeal. "I was a big city cop for 15 years – stabbed twice, shot four times – and people say I have nine lives."

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