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Mercedes Affection Runs in the Family

Many families pass down heirlooms over the years but this particular clan has a special thing for classic Mercedes.

It’s one thing to love a specific car brand or model but it can take on an even more special meaning when that affection is passed down from parent to children. In the case of Don Minkoff, his father was a devout fan of Mercedes-Benz since the 1950s. To this day, Minkoff maintains his late father’s Mercedes collection, but he has a special fondness for the 220SE Cabriolet. It’s not only a sexy car with a timeless design, but Minkoff also has memories of riding in the back seat on cross-country road trips as a kid.

Another special attribute about is that it was an anniversary gift from his father to his mother, making it something one can never part with no matter how much cash is placed on the table.

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