Mercedes-AMG A35 And CLA 35 Getting New Grilles

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AMG's grille will expand to new models.

We were recently testing a Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 when it struck us. Why does little crossover's sedan counterparts, the 2021 Mercedes-AMG A35 and 2021 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35, wear different noses?

The GLA 35 and GLB 35 each have the AMG Panamericana grille, which first debuted on the AMG GT R, despite not being "true" AMG models, but the A35 and CLA 35 have the older Mercedes grille.

CarBuzz reached out to Mercedes-Benz Product and Technology Communication Specialist Ashley Gillam, who explained the reason for this discrepancy. "The AMG-specific vertical slat grille is rolling out to most of our AMG models, but that can be dependent on the timing of refreshes in model lifecycles, new model release timeframe, etc.," Gillam said.

2020-2021 Mercedes-AMG A35 Front Angle View Mercedes-Benz

"For example, the A35 and CLA 35 debuted as MY20 vehicles, before the GLB 35, which debuted as a MY21 vehicle," Gillam continued. This also explains why the GLA 35, which also premiered for the 2021 model year, received the Panamericana grille while the A35 and CLA 35 did not.

As a reference, the CLA 45 and the Europe-only A45, both of which are considered "true" AMG modes, also wear the signature grille with vertical slats.

There are only two other AMG models, as of this writing, that do not wear the Panamerican front end. The Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 Coupe, and the sedan/coupe/convertible versions of the soon-to-be-replaced C43.

Trademark filings suggest that the C43 will be killed off and replaced with a new C53 model, which will likely debut with the Panamericana grille based on spy shots.


We have also spied the facelifted CLS recently, and when that debuts the 53 variant will likely adopt the new AMG-signature grille.

AMG has already announced that the A35 and CLA 35 will keep their original front ends for 2021, so they will not receive the Panamericana grille until the 2022 model year at the earliest. If you prefer these models without the new grille design, we suggest you get one this year before they are updated.

Front Angle View Mercedes-Benz
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2020-2021 Mercedes-AMG A35 Front Angle View

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