Mercedes-AMG A45 Demonstrates Awesome Drift Mode

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Too bad it's not coming to America.

Sometime in the next few months, Mercedes will reveal its all-new AMG A45 hot hatch to the world. Unfortunately, all America can do is watch from the sidelines because, once again, the A-Class is not bound for the US. Instead, the second-generation CLA, which shares a platform with the A-Class, will arrive. This is exactly what Mercedes did with the outgoing generations of both models and it doesn't see any reason to change the status quo.

It's a shame because, from the looks of it, the AMG A45 is going to be one incredible hot hatch. Mercedes-AMG has just released this teaser video showing a thinly disguised next-gen A45 demonstrating its track capabilities. There's also plenty of drifting because why the hell not.

Mercedes-AMG via YouTube
Mercedes-AMG via YouTube

The German automaker figured it'd be appropriate to call this segment 'Not another Christmas video' and we're sure many of you will welcome something not Santa related. We'll learn more about the new A45 in the near future, but what's already known is that it'll feature a new version of Mercedes' 4Matic all-wheel-drive system with a "drift mode." More than likely this mode will be very similar to the system used in the new AMG GT 4-Door. As far as output goes, the A45 is rumored to produce a little over 400 hp, which is totally nuts for a hot hatch.

Mercedes-AMG via YouTube

For comparison, a Ferrari F40 has 477 hp. Of course, that supercar launched over 30 years ago and times (and power expectations) change, but still. Eventually, the CLA 45 will go on sale in the US and we hope it'll be as powerful as its hot hatch cousin. We'll catch our first glimpse of the new CLA next month at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Our best prediction is that the A-Class will be unveiled in March at Geneva.

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