Mercedes-AMG Announces Pricing For Fiery C43

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The electrified four-pot wears an eye-watering price tag in Europe.

Known for its sonorous, large-capacity engines, Mercedes-AMG broke the hearts of fans everywhere when it announced a bevy of new models that will be powered by smaller four-cylinder engines. As such, the all-new C43 eschews a V6 mill in favor of a potent four-pot with 402 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to a hybridized setup, the recently revealed newcomer is more muscular than the outgoing model.

Mercedes-Benz has now announced European pricing, giving us a better idea of what we will pay for the fiery four-cylinder in the USA. The sedan weighs in with a base price of €71,459.50 (approx. $75,600) while the gorgeous wagon derivative will set buyers back slightly more, at €73,244.50 (approx. $77,500). Long-roof aficionados shouldn't get their hopes up, though - it's unlikely that the wagon will make it stateside.

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If the European pricing scheme is applied to US models, this would make the W206 AMG C43 considerably more expensive than its rivals. The 382-hp BMW M340i retails for $54,700, for example. The 349-hp Audi S4 is cheaper still, at $51,900. Though the Mercedes boasts stronger power figures, its fellow countrymen are quicker to 60 mph (on paper, at least) and also sport six-cylinder engines as standard.

It's unlikely to arrive in the United States with such steep pricing, though. This would place it perilously close to the larger, more luxurious AMG E53 which retails for $75,000 before options. After all, the German MSRP includes a hefty 19% tax. We anticipate local C43 pricing will mirror rivals and expect it to cost somewhere between $56,000 - $60,000. It's worth noting the regular C300 commands $43,550 (over $2,000 more than the base 3 Series).

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Despite the lack of a delightful V6 howl, we're still excited about the C43. The 2.0-liter turbocharged mill is a feat of engineering and, together with the nine-speed automatic sending power to all four wheels, it should be an absolute joy to pilot. Mercedes claims a 0 to 60 mph sprint time of 4.6 seconds and a limited top speed of 155 mph. Speed seekers will be pleased to know this can be optionally increased to 165 mph.

The C43 is stuffed with technology. It is the first car in the segment to utilize a mild-hybrid setup, for example. But the interior is where the C43 really takes the lead. Thoroughly modern, the AMG's cabin is beautifully styled and crafted with high-quality materials. The Mercedes won't have it easy for long, as BMW has already unveiled a refreshed G20 3 Series. Expect the M340i to pack even more power, as it too will offer 48-volt mild-hybrid technology.

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