Mercedes-AMG Building 1,300 Horsepower Hypercar

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How much would something that is this crazy cost?

According to German magazine Autobild, Mercedes is working on something very special to commemorate AMG's 50th anniversary next year. The project has been dubbed the Mercedes-AMG R50 by Autobild and is set to be a record-breaking hypercar. Details are limited, but it's rumored to be powered by a mid-mounted 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo with 1,000 horsepower. This would be paired with two 150 horsepower electric motors powering the front wheels for a combined 1,300 horsepower.


The car will be extremely light, and weigh less than 1,300 kilograms. The R50 should resemble a Le Mans car like the legendary CLK GTR. That means this new hypercar would be extremely low slung and could pack new Mercedes technology like rear-wheel steering and adaptive suspension that can control each wheel individually. The R50 would be a competitor for the Aston Martin RB 001, Bugatti Chrion, and the rumored McLaren F1. Like these other cars, the R50 would have an extremely high price tag between two to three million Euros.

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