Mercedes-AMG C63 S Seems To Be Better Than The M4 By Every Measure

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Did BMW mess the M4 up or did Mercedes just do the C63 perfectly?

Performance wise, there really isn't anything different about the two-door Mercedes-AMG C63 S and its First Edition counterpart, but it sure feels a lot more special from behind the wheel. That's because the First Edition package festoons the car with an attention-grabbing yellow racing stripe (colored grey in non S models) with complimenting accents of the same color, an AMG aerodynamics package with a new front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, a trunk lip spoiler, and more.

What's most important, though, is what all AMG C63 S models have, namely a 4.0-liter V8 turbocharged to the high heavens with 503 horsepower, a well tuned chassis to complement, and drive modes including a Hero mode that helps the driver look like a movie star while going sideways around a corner.

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When Carfection's Alex Goy takes to the race track to kill a pair of tires on the Merc, he's pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to handle the C63 when it's past its limits. This poses a serious problem for BMW. Not to discredit the M4, but the current M favorite has fallen from the high water mark that the E46 and E92 M3s left years ago. Judging by the size of the smile on Goy's face, the AMG looks as if it's gunning straight for that open top spot, undermining anything in its way. If it isn't the performance that wins you over, then maybe the gorgeous interior that shows BMW what real luxury is will do the trick.

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