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Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Debuts With 503 HP

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The message is clear, Mercedes doesn't want no Jaguar F-Pace SVR Or Porsche Macan Turbo to win the race.

With Mercedes and BMW set to trim their respective sedan and coupe lineups to make room for more crossovers and SUVs, it makes sense that each will spend the next few years beefing up their current SUV lineups with more options while slowly killing off the smaller vehicles. Mercedes has just started on the former route by expanding its GLC lineup. Instead of lowering the roofline or removing doors, the Tri-Star gave the GLC to AMG for some additional tuning to make it a full AMG GLC63.

The in-house tuner already offered a GLC that was optioned with its 43 AMG package, a sort of halfway AMG for those who like the feeling that an engine resides under the hood, but this time around it decided to place AMG's signature Bi-Turbo V8 into the GLC for the first time ever. Mercedes already cooks the GLC in two flavors: GLC SUV for those who need the function, and GLC Coupe for customers demanding form. The former of the two is only available in the 469 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque GLC63 guise, but the GLC Coupe can be had with either the same engine as the SUV or an upgraded version of that with 503 horsepower, 516 lb-ft of torque, and an AMG GLC63 S Coupe badge.

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With power going to all four wheels through a nine-speed MCT transmission, the GLC63 and GLC63 Coupe can hit 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds while the GLC63 S Coupe will make the same run in 3.7 seconds. Making use of that power us a rear limited-slip differential, a wider track, and an adjustable three-chamber air suspension system. As a vehicle that will likely pull double duty as suburban grocery getter and a stoplight drag racer, Mercedes ensures it has plenty of variability, with four drive settings that include Comfort, Sport, Sport +, and Individual modes to tailor throttle response, transmission, suspension, and steering. A Race mode is reserved exclusively for the GLC63 S Coupe.

Adding to the vehicle's duality is an exhaust flap that opens or closes to adjust volume depending on what program Dynamic Select drive is in, though optioning the AMG Performance exhaust system adds a toggle button inside the cabin to control the exhaust with independence. AMG has also thrown in a slew of appearance packages, and we'd expect plenty of owners to take full advantage of these given the potential for sinister looks the Panamericana grille offers. The interior sees the racy styling of AMG's designers as well with leather and DINAMICA microfiber seats up front, aluminum trim, and an AMG Performance steering wheel. Feast your eyes on this sleek beast at the upcoming New York Auto Show.